Happy Mare's Day

Due to circumstances that have intervened, Happy Mare's Day won't be happening this year (2018).  It's with a tinge of sadness that I won't be organizing this event which has always be a herald of spring -- at least for me! I will keep the sacred space of possibility for next year!  Enjoy Happy Mother's Day!

Reflections of the 2016 event at Chilly Night Farm:

It was a great day - warm weather, lots of people and Tivio, the chestnut gelding was the star attraction!  He was featured in the promotional piece done by CKWS's WS Daily.  Sadly, that video is no longer available on their website but he was spectacular!

As my new companion horse, I can tell you how much he likes being groomed and the massage from Karen Murduck seems to say "Oh, yeah, that spot!".

NOTE: Sadly, the 2017 event had to be cancelled due to severe rain.

(below) Tivio with Marsha demonstrating grooming as part of the Companion Connection Training program.  (bottom) Tivio with Karen Murduck, getting a massage!