Equine Education

Equine Education sets out to define and develop that connection between humans and horses.  By combining hands-on exercises with practical, safety-focused lessons, the path to horse companionship is established.  A relationship becomes an enriched, heart-centred experience for both the human and the horse.

We realized that Equine Education more than educating humans about being a companion to a horse.  It is the opportunity to discover one`s self and enhancing unknown - or long-withheld - capabilities.  There is something authentic in being fully present and grounded in the presence of a 1200 lb mammal with a mind of its own.  Experience the energetic connection between human and horse that honours the centuries-old bond between us.

Throughout the four-part session, safety is braided into each segment to provide a grounded foundation for both the companion and the horse.

This 4-week, 6-hour per week training session covers:

Meeting in the Middle - Beginning

Guru Grooming

Healthy Horse - Healthy Human

Meeting in the Middle - Ending

Participants also learn practical horse handling:
  •  how to approach a horse 
  • be able to halter and lead 
  • how to securely tie a horse to a hitching post, in cross-ties, and improvise
  • be able to  safely remove a horse from a herd   through a gate and return it

2015 Schedule

Saturdays 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

August 8 through August 29

September 12 through October 3

Space limited to 6 participants.

All participants must be 18 years or over.

Please note that Equine Education is potentially a 2-tier training program.  Depending on an assessment at the conclusion of the 4-week session, some participants may be recommended to take the second part for complete safety and comfort. A separate fee applies to the actual Companion Connection*

*a connection require a valid Ontario Equestrian Federation membership

Meet the co-creators of Heartful Horse Workshop and Equine Education...

Words from the heart...

Through Equine Education I felt - and saw -what I was missing: a real partnership and connection, mutual respect, trust and companionship. I learned  what it means to be in the moment, fully aware of my environment, senses and feelings. The hands-on experience, along with the skilled information sharing and trainings sessions was perfect, and led to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the horse.

Patricia H.

(Patricia was one of four people who "readily" agreed to do a trial session of Equine Education in March 2015.  A picture of her connecting with MC is to the right.

... discover yourself reflected in a conscious, grounded relationship with a companion horse...   

... learn the (mostly) silent language of horses through awareness, gestures and body movement...  

... develop the knowledge and understanding of horses to engage with them safely...

... connect with that first-love experience that one rarely grows out of...