Connect your heart to a horse...

Ask not what a horse can do for you;

ask what you can do for a horse.

The Gathering Herd

We're back at a farm for September's gathering! Visit The Gathering Herd page here for more information!

Meet the newest companion, Leslie Dunn with her friend, Rudy the Rocky

and all the other companions . . . Click here

 Heart to Horse Connection is..

about connecting humans and horses - through the sharing of stories, knowledge, time, and experience

about providing a training program for new horse owners, potential horse owners or those who want to be a horse companion.  The program focuses on relationship, communication,  horse handling and grooming ... Companion Connection Training .

about developing opportunities to learn more about horses through introductory workshops, training, and The Gathering Herd - a storytelling circle!

Heart to Horse Connection

Companion Connection Training

A personalized one-on-one training program ideal for new horse owners, want-to-be horse owners and those who want to be a companion to a horse that needs company.

The Gathering Herd

This storytelling circle is for all ages of storytellers and listeners! Held outdoors at neigh-bouring farms during the summer and in the boardroom of Home Base Housing over the winter. Admission is free.  Refreshments provided.  Bring own chair *May-Oct only/farm visits.

Heaven's Herd

A herd of horses that have crossed the "Rainbow Bridge".

About Us

A brief history of how Heart to Horse Connection came into being.

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Companion Connection Training provides personalized training to humans, with or without horse experience, to become a "companion" to a horse - either their own (new horse owners) or anyone who wants to be matched up to a horse.

Visit the pages!    Companion Connection Training

Companions and Their Horses  --  Read the stories about the matched companions pictured on the left.


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Companion Connection Training !

Some of the horses I know -- and have known as teachers in the lessons of horse!  (left to right) Liza, Belle, Can Do, London, MC, Spirit, Thunder & Tivio